Caps for Bottles

At Berlin Packaging, a wide range of caps and closures are available, including spout caps, mason jar lids, beer caps, corks, dropper caps, and more. Because the caps are bought separately from the containers, there are more opportunities for customizing your packaging. The caps come in a variety of sizes to suit various bottles and jars. Style and material options are available, and many of the plastic closures are recyclable.

Plastic Caps for Bottles

Plastic is strong, lightweight, and durable. Many of the caps come in a variety of colors to match various branding schemes. Spout caps enable liquids to be applied with accuracy, particularly thicker liquids such as wood glue, oil, or condiments. Bottle shrink caps can include either shrink bands or orifice reducers. Shrink bands are a popular way to deter tampering, and are most commonly used for wine, but can also be used for condiments and medications. Orifice reducers help to control the flow of liquids. Plastic lids are available also, and include spice lids, threaded lids, and tamper-evident and child-resistant lids.

What Metal Caps are Available?

Metal caps can lend a more sophisticated look to a product. Options include pourer caps that are often used for oils, measure and pour caps, and beer bottle caps. Consider brush and dauber caps that can be used for nail polish and touch-up paint, or the applications of adhesive or paint that need to be applied with precision. Many caps also use a combination of metal and plastic such as mister caps, which can be used with body spray, household cleaning detergents, and air freshener.

What Tamper-Evident Caps Are Available?

Find tamper-evident caps in PP, HDPE, LDPE, and phenolic materials to cover everything from beverages to food to corrosive chemicals. Additionally, protect liquor and wine with tin or aluminum roll-on pilfer evident (also known as ROPE or ROPP) caps that offer a pleasant aesthetic for imbibers. Ribbed flat caps with foam liners and Kerr caps handle syrups as well as spirits.