We Ensure Quality, Stability, and Profitability

Each of our 900+ suppliers goes through an in-depth qualification process.

Enjoy a Streamlined Supply Chain

We have a large network of over 900+ qualified suppliers with wide variety of products. Our procurement team will:

  • Manage multiple vendors with ease
  • Track supplier on-time delivery
  • Ensure and track product quality
  • Conduct service performance to mitigate service disruptions or non-conformance for customers
  • Manage purchases and inventories with a state-of-the-art ERP system unmatched in our sector
  • Engage regularly in spend management and cost containment activities to confirm our customers are receiving competitive cost of goods on a continual basis

Lets Get Started

Supply Chain image

From Fortune 500 to Family-Owned, We Help Manage Supply Chains of All Sizes

  • Effectively manage multiple sources of supply and offer a competitive cost of goods due to our high volume purchases of packaging components
  • Virtually unlimited manufacturing options to fulfill low and high volume requirements
  • Design and engineering capabilities to bring forward new product ideas
  • Provide competitive freight management services from
    the factory
  • Offer local warehousing programs for just-in-time delivery
  • Minimize factory lead times by maintaining
    on-hand inventories
  • Provide turnkey solutions including decoration, fluorination, assembly, and more

Steps to Supercharge Growth

  • Let's look at the big picture together. Work with us to analyze your entire packaging spend and rationalize
    your purchases.
  • Let's look at the inventory. It's a cash killer. We will tailor inventory and warehousing plans to meet your needs and reduce your carrying costs.
  • Let's look at the product quality. Poor quality product results in more than added cost. It kills productivity, credibility, and results in lost opportunity.
Steps To Supercharge Growth

“Individual businesses no longer compete as stand-alone entities, but rather as supply chains.”

– Martin Christopher