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World-class innovation expertise – from concept to commercialization.

Innovative Design Solutions for All Industries

Studio One Eleven Makes Innovation Easy

Studio One Eleven, our in-house innovation consultancy, is filled with designers, engineers and marketers who delight in bringing amazing designs to life – all at no charge in exchange for your packaging business. We deliver the total package with one-stop ease.

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A Team and an Approach Like No Other

We have a better approach – an aligned partnership. Instead of selling our time, we sell the packaging components that we design, ensuring we focus on commercializing the best solution. And the team behind all this has 300+ years of combined packaging and brand building experience.

We Go Beyond

Team and Approach Like No Other

Our mission is to help our clients Package More Profit by increasing their sales, reducing their costs, and improving their productivity.

Innovation Unlocks Superior Results

Build a Design “Delight Loop”

Package design can be a powerful differentiator and growth catalyst. But there are potential pitfalls between starting a design project and introducing a successful new package to the marketplace. We’ve written a white paper that describes how to build a self-reinforcing Design Delight Loop that supports driving greater profits through smart innovation.

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