We Embrace Innovation

We believe a combination of energy, imagination, and desire yields extraordinary results.

Innovation Leads to Results

A recent study shows that publicly-traded US firms that focus on design and innovation outperformed the overall market by an amazing 228%.

At Berlin Packaging, design and innovation are part of our DNA, and have played a key part in our rapid growth.

What is Innovation?

With so much talk of innovation, one might think that the term itself has a well-accepted definition. It doesn’t. Many associate the term with lightning-bolt “Eureka!” moments of creativity and genius. An innovation program can have moments of genius, creativity and invention, but innovation success isn’t defined by or dependent upon any of those qualities. Innovation is a process.

Surprise and Delight Creates Wins

Innovative packaging is much more than the means to protect and deliver product. Innovative packaging delivers a
memorable experience.

These consumer connections drive unit volume with more trial and repeat. Pricing can also be positively impacted, as people are willing to pay more for something they value more. But innovation isn’t just about increasing revenues, innovations can also reduce costs and improve productivity across an
entire company.

Inspiration is Everywhere

We don't start innovating until we have the best foundation. We comb through industry research, conduct user ethnographies, assess the competition, and evaluate the shelf and retail space.

We work with you to analyze your brand, your category, and your competition to set success criteria. We know a strong foundation will yield the best outcomes for your consumers and your company.

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Product Design and Innovation

We know that great design is a highly effective way to build a brand. With our dedicated design division, Studio One Eleven®, innovating and elevating your brand and packaging has never been more efficient or more affordable.

We Measure the Impact of Innovation

There are many ways innovation can impact your company's bottom line.

Learn more about how we quantify results in the marketplace.

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