Our Framework

Our ESG Priorities

Thanks to our materiality matrix, we are able to identify Berlin Packaging's sustainability priorities. The materiality matrix is the instrument that summarizes and defines the most relevant sustainability topics, considering Berlin Packaging's significant economic, environmental, and social impacts. Berlin Packaging has detected 15 material topics under the social, environmental, and governance perspective.

Product quality and safety

Sharing policies among all groups to improve processes and guarantee customer satisfaction, also in terms of ESG. Implement measures to engage customers on ESG topics.

Product innovation & circularity

Invest in R&D to foster and re-think the design of products with the aim of light weighting and increasing the usage of reusable and returnable packaging, also in partnership with other stakeholders.

Business resilience and long-term value creation

Integrate ESG considerations into the business strategy and orient business to create sustainable economic value for all stakeholders.

Responsible supply chain management

Responsible and ethical purchasing policies that improve the suppliers selection, considering their ESG performance. Working on a Supplier's Code of Conduct and define specific audit programs to monitor suppliers’ performance.

Climate change & low-carbon society

Reduce emissions along the value chain, working with customers and suppliers. Work on energy efficiency, fostering the use of renewable fuel sources and improve logistics.

Innovation strategy

Develop new technologies that can affect customer relationships and the business (e.g., Blockchain in the supply chain to increase traceability, use of Artificial Intelligence and digitalization).

Diversity, equal opportunity, and inclusion

Promote diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion, fostering a welcoming culture that enhances different abilities, backgrounds, experiences, and orientations.

Governance and business ethics

Enforce control over ESG topics, with specific roles at the Corporate level and an intracompany committee to share best practices. Foster employee training on anticorruption and antibribery.

Employee safety and wellbeing

Ensure work-life balance through measures such as parental leave, medical and financial benefits and well-being initiatives. Develop HSE management systems within the Group.

Talent management and skills development

Enhance talent management and career-development programs, that promote talent retention and attraction through training activites and skills programs contributing to personal advancement.

Data privacy and security

Implement measures to ensure transparency about how customer data (and in general stakeholders) are gathered, used, and secured. Implementing procedures and specific training to customer privacy protection.

Water management

Work on water management with dedicated plans and goals to share with stakeholders to reduce water-related impacts of the Group operations.

Engage and support local communities

Develop programs and initiatives with local community engagement, encouraging team members to support the community where they work.

Industrial relations and social dialogue

Promote the organization’s consultation on labor practices with employees and trade unions.


Work on the main significant impacts of activities, products, and services on biodiversity.

Our Commitment Towards Sustainability

Business Ethics

We demand integrity and fairness of ourselves and from our business partners.


We work every day to unlock our customers’ full potential, offering tailor-made and high quality solutions.

Supply Chain Management

We want to team up with our suppliers to generate and enhance shared value along the entire supply chain.

Innovation & Creativity

In addition to offering world-class innovation consultation to our customers we encourage creative thinking into every function.


We empower our people and foster a working environment that encourages engagement and collaboration at all levels of our organization.

Health, Safety & Environment

We will play our part in mitigating climate change by partnering with suppliers and customers to reduce emissions throughout our value chain.

EcoVadis Silver Sustainability Rating

Berlin Packaging Achieves EcoVadis Silver Sustainability Rating

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the EcoVadis Silver sustainability rating, reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices and responsible business operations. 

This year, we ranked among the top 22% of companies assessed by EcoVadis, reflecting our ongoing efforts to minimize our environmental impact, promote ethical practices, and prioritize social responsibility. This recognition is a significant milestone for us and reinforces our dedication to building a more sustainable future. 

Berlin Packaging's Commitment Towards SDGS

Berlin Packaging is committed to pursuing our business goals per the Sustainable Development Goals framework, as recognized under the United Nations Agenda 2030. Within this framework, we have identified specific Sustainable Development Goals and targets upon which we can impact and are aware of our responsibility to contribute to and mitigate our performance.

The Sustainable Development Goals represent a framework by which our commitment is disclosed and a driver to promote and implement a sustainable and responsible business.

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