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We provide a wide suite of consulting services, each aimed at helping you become more successful.

Make More Money as a Result of Working with Us

Berlin Packaging's E3 consulting division helps you to exceed your business goals by Enhancing both the Balance Sheet (Efficiency) and the Income Statement (Earnings).

Our experts in every function – from Operations, Finance, Procurement, Sales, Strategy, IT, Marketing and HR – are ready to help you. Get more out of your packaging and watch your bottom line grow.

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Nimble and Accessible Expertise

While top-tier consulting firms will charge well into the six figures, Berlin Packaging offers these services at no cost in exchange for new packaging business.

The solutions provided by E3 go beyond packaging and serve the needs of your entire operation. We bring our subject-area knowledge, business-optimization experience, and insights of your specific situation to craft the right answers for you.

Create Superior Returns on Your Investments

E3’s services target five major areas. Each is a key step any company goes through to create profit.

Strategic Planning: Deciding what business to compete in and how to do so.

  • Business definition
  • Situation assessment
  • Vision and targets
  • Strategies and actions
  • Implementation planning and support
Create Superior Returns on Your Investments

Operational Excellence – Producing products in the best, most profitable and efficient way possible.

  • Customer needs analysis
  • Item analysis
  • Excellence blueprint

Sales & Marketing – Delivering your products to the marketplace.

  • Customer segmentation
  • Market analysis and trends
  • Branding and product design
  • Marketing and sales tactics

Support Services – Ensuring the back-office is best positioned to support the business mission.

  • Financial systems and processes
  • Loan and business-plan development
  • IT infrastructure
  • Human Resources procedures

Customer Experience – Looking at the business through the customer’s eyes and refining to best connect with customers.

  • Customer-experience mapping
  • Net Promoter Score and loyalty measurement