We are a Hybrid Packaging Supplier®

We are best-of-breed across manufacturing, distribution, and income-boosting service providers.

We Have the Best Elements of a Manufacturer

Large scale and broad scope delivers low-cost and flexibility. We contract out manufacturing to 900+ suppliers worldwide. With 20+ years of global sourcing experience and 200+ experts dedicated to procurement and operations, we effectively have unlimited capacity, and aren’t handcuffed to specific technology or equipment
or tools.

We Perform Distribution and Logistics Services

With 100+ worldwide sales and warehouse locations, we manage inventory, handle inbound and outbound logistics, and deliver when you need it. We seek to lower total system costs by consolidating inventory across the entire supply chain, including taking inventory off of customers’ floors.

We Provide Extra Services and Value-Added Offerings

Our proven approach helps customers improve their net income by increasing sales, decreasing costs, and improving productivity. We use our packaging products and services to help drive your bottom line. Hybrid suppliers go far beyond what a classic manufacturer or distributor does. Hybrid suppliers embrace innovation, efficiency, and a maniacal focus on customer thrill.

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