Turnkey package design and speed to market.

Stand Out in Traffic

Beep beep. Make way for a leading supplier of packaging to the automotive sector. From complex injection molded components to plastic blow molding to flexible spouts, we offer a wealth of experience.

In a market full of competition where speed to market is essential, we will help your company win the race. Consumers want solutions that are both attractive and practical, and we can help you develop innovative and unique packaging that makes your products to shine.

A Strong Foundation in Quality
and Functionality

As a result of the unique manufacturing requirements within the automotive sector, it is important to partner with suppliers that have a sound foundation in quality and a solid understanding of your product landscape.

We recognize the importance of chemical compatibility and will help you select a package that has the correct level of toughness and durability to stand up to rough transport, varying environments, and potentially long periods on the shelf.

We Help Brands Win

New custom structures and updated branding helped propel Meguiar's automotive products from 5th to 1st in trigger-sprayer products category.

Lube-Tech Fuel Treatment Bottle with Dosing Cup

Fuel treatment products designed to prevent fuel degradation in intermittently used equipment such as lawnmowers, snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATVs are typically packaged in bottles that either lack measuring provisions or utilize an integrated measuring chamber that is both expensive and wasteful.

To solve the problem, custom lubricants manufacturer Lube-Tech worked with Berlin Packaging’s Studio One Eleven® to develop an industry-first package design featuring a PP measuring cup that snaps onto the neck of a PET bottle. The solution yielded a 16% material reduction and a 43% cost reduction over the company’s previous package while also providing easy recyclability not available with PVC packaging that is common in the category.

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