Automotive Packaging

Automotive packaging and containers from Berlin Packaging serve a variety of uses. Plastic bottles – like motor oil containers – can also be used to contain and conveniently store liquids like chemicals, oils, or fertilizers. Automotive steel containers are a popular packaging option for products such as paint and brake fluids. Choose from a variety of automotive product containers like tins, buckets, and jugs that come in different sizes and materials.

We Offer Many Types of Automotive Fluid Containers

A lightweight option, automotive plastic bottles can reduce shipping-related costs and are a durable packaging option for antifreeze, washer fluid, and other products. Plastic packaging is also impact-resistant, which protects your products from damage or spillage. Pair automotive oil bottles with leakproof caps for extra protection, and choose from options with practical features such as printed liter scales for easy measuring. Many bottles come with built-in handles for easy carrying.

Automotive packaging shapes include round, rectangular, and F-style packaging that stacks, packs, and ships cost-effectively. Chemical bottles can come with needle tip droppers for precise dispensing or bags and ties to prevent leakage. Steel flat-top cans include synthetic dauber caps that absorb liquid contents so you can easily apply the correct amount of product. Fit cans with child-resistant capable closures for safety, or use brush caps that allow for easy dispensing. Pack smaller products in tins with wide mouths for easy filling and screw tops that provide quick opening and closing. Steel paint cans come with plug lids and handles for easy lifting and handling, while aluminum bottles can be fitted with liners to ensure product integrity.

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