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The single biggest investment most people make is in their home and property. Consumers enjoy taking care of this investment and strive for green lawns, shiny cars, spotless clothes, sparkling kitchens, and fresh bathrooms. There are thousands of products aimed at the household care market, and over 2,000 SKUs were introduced last year in North America alone.

We Have You Covered

We Have You Covered

Berlin Packaging has significant experience supplying packaging to the household care and household chemical markets. We ensure manufacturers and brand owners have packaging solutions that help them stand out on the shelf and resonate with consumers.

No matter your size, positioning, or packaging needs – we provide turnkey service; we bring you anything and everything from concept to commercialization.

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We have the know-how to match your product with the right delivery technology.

Honest Company Dish Soap

This package refresh for Honest Company had several requirements for success: it must bring the dish soap product in line with the company’s overall design aesthetic, it must be a clear package, it must allow for easy squeezability, and it must accommodate an increase in size from 16 oz to 26.5 oz.

Designed by Studio One Eleven, the new custom bottle accomplished all of these things by converting from a standard-shaped, translucent HDPE bottle to an elongated PET bottle. The painstakingly-designed unique oval shoulder is the perfect geometry to spread out force when squeezed; this not only improves the ease of grip, but also promotes effortless squeezability while maintaining the integrity of the package.

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