Trigger sprayers are a solution for a variety of product application purposes. Choose from plastic trigger sprayers with foaming, high-output, upside-down, and hose extension features to package a broad spectrum of bottled premix or concentrated chemicals that require a steady application. An everyday purpose for trigger spray nozzles on chemical and organic pesticide packaging is to provide controlled, even coverage over gardens or targeted lawn areas. Chemical and solvent-resistant triggers that resist corrosion are also available for more caustic chemical solutions.

Trigger Sprayers Are Useful for a Variety of Products

Plastic trigger sprayers are suitable for cleaning and disinfecting targeted surface areas or objects. Trigger spray nozzles come in a variety of colors that allow you to color code products for easy recognition when refilling bottles with diluted solutions and when storing them. Trigger caps offer spray, stream, and mist options. The most common use for foaming trigger sprayers, and sprayer caps in general, is for packaging household cleaning products. Trigger nozzles are also available with on/off closures, which help reduce spills and leaks. While trigger sprayers are suitable for specific health and beauty liquids, manufacturers of beauty products generally prefer mister caps for items like hairspray and perfume.

Are Plastic Trigger Sprayers Comfortable to Use?

Using spray bottles with comfort grip trigger nozzles helps reduce the hand fatigue that comes with manual pumping. PP foaming trigger sprayers with comfort grips are suitable for a variety of disinfectants, foaming cleaners, and sanitizers. High-output sprayers are available with easy squeeze triggers, and some allow upside-down use for 360-degree spraying. Being able to maneuver the bottle 360 degrees reduces stiffness associated with holding a bottle for long periods in one position, or in an awkward position. Additionally, pairing lightweight trigger caps with plastic bottles can make the product easier for consumers to carry.

Trigger Sprayers Are Just One Part of the Packaging

Berlin Packaging offers more than plastic bottles and trigger sprayers at wholesale pricing. We also provide services to assist you with all your packaging needs  from design and labeling to warehousing to financing, we are the all-in-one company to help you grow and streamline your business.

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