Trigger Spray Bottles

Berlin Packaging offers a variety of trigger spray bottles to meet your packaging needs. Plastic trigger spray bottles dispense liquids by squirting, misting, or spraying. They're ideal for a variety of household, industrial, and chemical products used for cleaning, laundry, cosmetics, lawn care, gardening, automotive, air fresheners, and more.

The Range of Options Available

Choose from various colors, sizes, shapes, and caps to create an appropriate storage option for your product.

Wholesale trigger spray bottles are available in clear, natural, and white and in a range of capacities from 8 to 36 ounces. Berlin Packaging also offer bottles with polypropylene caps. There are a variety of round and oblong bottles to meet your company's needs.

Plastic trigger spray bottles are available in HDPE and PET plastic. This allows you to choose the appropriate option for your product depending on important characteristics such as chemical composition. If plastic is not appropriate for your product, Berlin Packaging also offers a wide range of glass bottles.

Financial Solutions Available at Berlin Packaging

In addition to offering wholesale trigger spray bottles, Berlin Packaging can help you maximize your profits, including through creative financing solutions. Berlin Financial Services will loan money to customers at zero percent interest, without the typical financing fees, points, and hidden costs, in exchange for new packaging business. This allows your company to get the equipment you need without disrupting your cash flow or tapping current credit lines.

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