Glass Bottles

Reasons to Choose Glass Bottles

Protect your products with wholesale glass bottles that keep contents fresh and prevent contamination. Glass does not react with other chemicals, which makes glass containers for liquids a good fit for beverages. Due to its rigidity, glass is easy to stack during shipping and storage. It's a durable material that retains its strength over time and is not affected by repeated use or recycling. Glass is 100 percent reusable and has one of the fastest turnover times as it can be recycled within 30 days, making it a smart choice for the environmentally conscious company.

Why Choose Berlin Packaging?

We offer options from 5 ml to 1-gallon glass bottles in colors that include amber, green, and cobalt blue. You can find shapes ranging from Boston round and oval to growlers and wine bottles. So, whether you're looking for 16 oz. glass bottles for your new beverage product or glass bottles with lids for an upscale beauty serum, we offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to fit your products. Consider purchasing empty glass bottles in bulk from us to save time and money. Plus, as a premier glass bottle supplier, Berlin Packaging takes care of additional services such as label design and warehouse storage. We also manage the supply chain for you, including tracking delivery and ensuring product quality. Our team of professionals will maintain your inventory levels and work with you to reduce costs.

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