Berlin Packaging offers a variety of fine mist and trigger spray bottles to meet your packaging needs. Our spray bottles are available with a range of options, with some at wholesale prices to help your company minimize costs.

What Kinds of Spray Bottles Are Available?

We offer aluminum, plastic, and glass spray bottles in a variety of colors. Depending on your product, plastic is an economical option. Our plastic spray bottles include HDPE, LDPE, and shatterproof PET. Aluminum is a good alternative if your product cannot be stored in plastic.

Refillable spray bottles have a variety of uses, including personal care products such as perfumes and hair products. Achieve a fine, splatter-free mist with fine mist spray bottles. Trigger spray bottles dispense liquids by squirting, misting, or spraying. These bottles can hold cleaning products, air fresheners, chemicals, and cosmetics. Available capacities range from less than 0.5 ounces up to 36 ounces. There are also options that include continuous thread caps.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Spray Bottles from Berlin Packaging

Buying glass, aluminum, and plastic spray bottles in bulk provides cost savings. Purchasing large volumes means reduced cost per unit, less reordering, and reduces the likelihood of emergency downtime in the event of running out of bottles. Purchasing from Berlin Packaging means you can take advantage of our additional services such as management consulting at no additional cost.

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