Shop Bottles by Function

Identify the right bottle packaging for your specific contents. Select large-capacity spray bottles for broad cleaning solutions, dropper bottles for precise medicinal dosing, or squeeze bottles for food or cleaning products. Package liquor, beer, or cooking oils in attractive, colorful glass bottles. Match with an appropriate closure, and your product is market ready.

Matching Bottles to Products

Different products require different containers, so matching the right shape and material to your products is a key task for creating the perfect packaging. For example, glass and plastic dropper bottles provide an accurate way to dispense liquids. When dispensing medicine such as eye drops, the amount is crucial. When dispensing aroma oils or skin care products, the amount is important but can be less precise. Choose UV-resistant, colored glass dropper bottles with child-resistant caps for medicines, food coloring, or tinctures. PETG plastic bottles for protein drinks or microbiological sera offer ease of handling with flexible capacities. Large high-density polyethylene (HDPE) spray bottles maximize diluting or mixing concentrated products like window and floor cleaners.

How Do You Know You've Chosen the Right Bottles?

Berlin Packaging has services available to help determine everything from container needs to improving packaging costs, and our experts can analyze your product and match it with the best and most cost-effective bottle and cap.

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