Mason jar lids come in a range of sizes. Berlin Packaging offers traditional Mason jar lids and bands, as well as screw-top and threaded caps  all compatible with jars used for a variety of purposes including canning preservatives, freezing beverages, and storing other food items or products.

Why Should You Use Metal Mason Jar Tops?

Metal canning jar lids create a vacuum seal that ensures product freshness and can result in longer shelf life, making them a good choice for products that require extra protection from exposure to air. While the disc lids are only good for one vacuum seal, the Mason jar bands may be used by your customers who prefer to reuse and recycle glass jars. Choose from Mason disc and ring lids for a classic look, or one-piece metal threaded caps that are easy to open and close. Mason jar caps can be made from various metals, including malleable tin, corrosion-resistant aluminum, and strong stainless steel.

Benefits of Choosing Berlin Packaging for Wholesale Mason Jar Lids?

When you buy Mason jar lids in bulk quantities, you not only save money but can also enjoy additional benefits. Berlin Packaging offers services such as supply chain management and label design. We can assist you in defining your brand by selecting eye-catching neckbands, labels, and embossments.

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