Berlin Packaging stocks a wide range of threaded caps and lug caps to fit both bottles and jars that come in various colors to match branding. Lined and unlined caps and caps that are safe for various methods of vacuum sealing are available.

Why Choose Threaded Caps?

This type of cap screws onto the bottle or jar to securely seal the contents. Both metal threaded caps and plastic threaded caps are available. Plastic caps can be used for personal care products and cleaning detergents, as well as food and beverages. Plastic caps are made from HDPE, PP, phenolic plastic, or urea. You can use all these plastic materials with a wide range of chemicals and acidic substances. Caps with linings also provide extra protection against leakage and corrosion. Metal caps are made out of tin, aluminum, or steel. Each type of metal has its own properties, such as tin being softer and lightweight, aluminum ideal for packaging chemicals, and steel a strong option. Metal lids are widely used as they can create vacuum seals.

Why Use Lug Caps?

Metal lug caps are convenient and practical. The way they are designed to fit on bottles or jars allows them to create a vacuum seal while users only need to turn them halfway in order to close the containers. This makes them quick and easy to use while ensuring that the contents of the containers are preserved and stored effectively.

Choosing Caps to Suit Specific Functions and Customization

Ribbed caps can improve grip and work well for products used with wet hands. Smooth sides can create a more sophisticated look. Caps can also have spouts to pour or apply thicker liquids with precision, holes for sifting spices, or flip-open styles for convenience, and there are even Mason jar lids that include straws. In addition to choosing a color to match the brand, the lids can also be branded.

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