Berlin Packaging's plastic disc caps, also known as press top caps are a durable cap option for dispensing health and beauty products such as lotions, shampoo, creams, moisturizers, fragrant oils, hair gels, baby products, and sunblocks. They are made of polypropylene (PP), a durable material for day to day use. Press caps may also be suitable for dispensing craft products such as glue and glitter. Alternatively, you could use press caps for liquid household cleaners and soaps. These convenient caps are easy to open and close using one hand. The push-close lid makes for no-mess dispensing and reduces spillage. This allows customers to keep products for on-the-go use in their handbag or car glove box without worrying.

What Type Of Bottle Works Best With Disc Caps?

Selecting the right health and beauty packaging depends on your product's makeup, and customer needs. To use effectively, press caps are best paired with a squeeze bottle. Find squeeze bottles that are available in a range of sizes, colors, and styles. If your product is more of a thin liquid than a lotion, dropper caps or mister caps may be more suitable. For products that will be used around the home like shampoos and conditioners, pump caps with a firmer bottle may be another alternative.  

Multiple Colors Available

Black, gold, silver and white disc caps are available. Select colored disc caps to differentiate between products while maintaining uniformity across your branding. Metallic colors give packaging a premium product feel. Black and white caps have a more classic, clean look. Standard press top caps are also an affordable option and have the added benefit of being ribbed for more grip when opening and closing. Mix and match caps and closures with bottles, then add customized labeling to create a unique brand aesthetic for your health and beauty product line.

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