Dropper caps can have various pipette styles, including controlled, curved, and steady flow. Complete cosmetics, essential oil, and medication packaging with easy grip ribbed dropper caps. Select from PP, HDPE, phenolic, and other materials.

Dropper Caps for Beauty Products

Use dropper caps when packaging water-based beauty serums and liquid concealers for easy distribution, and better control of product flow. Using curved tip dropper caps to complete packaging for oil-based hair treatments and nutrient-rich serum helps prevent unnecessary product waste. Some curved tip caps have gold or silver colored metal collars that have an elegant, classic look, and draw attention to your brand. Perfume manufacturers can use glass bottles with applicator rod caps so that consumers can smooth or dab on scents.

Ribbed Dropper Caps for Grip and Control During Medication Dispensing

Ribbed dropper caps are used for water and alcohol-based pharmaceutical products. The ribbing on the cap provides added grip for easy opening, and easier handling during medication application. Consider child-resistant capable bulb dropper caps for acid-based pharmaceuticals like liquid wart remover, or other sensitive oral or topical medication. PP dropper caps with glass pipettes are also useful for distributing herbal tinctures, and CBD oils.

Other Types of Dropper Caps

One of the most commonly used dropper options is a bulb dropper, due to the lightweight construction, and the variety of models available. Control droppers have smaller orifices for precise product application. Other bulb dropper caps, like those with steady flow pipettes, provide a steady stream of product, and generally have larger orifices for viscous products. When topping concentrated products that need to be distributed in droplet size amounts, pair plastic fine-tip dropper fitments with glass or plastic screw-top bottles. Euro dropper fitments are a popular choice for essential oils packaged in glass bottles and pair nicely with a variety of tamper-evident caps and closures.

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