Finding the right spice jar lids to dispense your product is the finishing touch you need after deciding on the container. Improve ease of use with sifter fitments for consumers trying to get just the right amount of product each time. Spice jar sifter caps make shaking out the seasoning a breeze. From spices to grated cheeses and more, these lids work with a variety of products. They are available in a wide selection of colors, so you can buy sifter caps wholesale that best match your branding and the container you have chosen.

Types of Plastic Used

These plastic lids for spice jars are designed to lock in the freshness of your product while making it easy to open and reseal them often. The spice jar caps are made with HDPE (high-density polyethylene) or PP (polypropylene) plastics that are resistant to impact, making them a good choice for kitchen use. PP plastic also has high fatigue resistance, making it an excellent choice for flip-top spice caps that will repeatedly swing on a hinge. Snap-on caps may also use HDPE plastic that is stronger and works well for sifter caps.

Choose from Several Spice Jar Lid Styles

When choosing the cap style for your spice jars, consider the product that needs to be sifted through it. Powdered and finely ground spices and herbs will need a cap with smaller holes than products like grated cheese or larger herbs. For spices that are often measured by the spoonful, you may want to consider a two-sided spice cap that offers the option to sprinkle or spoon out the product inside. If your product is not often shaken out or sifted, a standard threaded cap may be the best way to go, so that your spice or seasoning may be measured more easily.

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