Beer bottle caps seal in the flavor of your product, preserving the taste and aroma while preventing leakage. Traditional crown beer bottle caps are crimped onto bottles for a snug fit, and many contain liners that further prevent oxygen and other contaminants from altering bottle contents. Pry-off caps allow for easy opening, and are usually made out of aluminum or tin-plate steel. Both of these materials used to make bulk beer bottle caps are recyclable.

Benefits of Aluminum Bottle Caps

Aluminum caps are a popular closure choice for pairing with beer bottles because they are impact-resistant, meaning that they do not fracture easily, and can withstand the rigors of rough transportation and handling. They are also tolerant of a wide range of temperatures, and will continue to protect contents in more extreme conditions. Ultimately, they provide a substantial shelf life. Aluminum beer bottle caps are also lightweight, potentially lowering costs associated with transportation and shipping.

Benefits of Tin-Plate Steel Bottle Caps

Tin-plate steel bottle caps offer another version of a popular type of closure and have a glossy finish that helps products stand out on the shelf. They are compatible with coloring and printing options, so you can customize them to match your bottles, or advertise your brand by displaying logos or graphics.

What Other Bottle Cap Packaging Products Are Available?

Choose from additional beer bottle cap packaging products such as handheld cappers. These tools can be secured to a counter or other surface by using the built-in screw holes. They are easy to use, allowing you to simply adjust the lever to the correct height and place your bottle at the capper's base. Cappers usually contain a small bell where you can insert the bottle cap before pulling the lever, securing the closure to the bottle's mouth. Manual cappers increase capping speed and allow you to better utilize your packaging time.

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