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Combining an attractive package with a quality product brings sales to your business, something a glass wine bottle demonstrates easily. When packaging beverages, food, chemicals, cleaning materials, laboratory, and pharmaceutical products, the container matters. Choose the right container for your product line-up with Berlin Packaging's wide selection of bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Food and Beverage Bottles

Food and beverage bottles predominantly use glass or an FDA-approved plastic. Glass is chemically inert and good for food preservation. Glass withstands pasteurizing temperatures and is suitable for hot packaging. Clear glass wine bottles allow customers to see the product, while dark bottles protect red wine from oxidation. Plastic is good for single use food and beverage packaging because of low cost and ease of manufacture. Plastic bottles resist shattering, and their flexibility means they can be used as squeeze containers for lotions and condiments. PET is a suitable material for plastic vinegar bottles, thanks to good shelf life and resistance to acids.

Bottles for Industry

Industrial requirements vary from storing innocuous chemicals through to toxic and hazardous products. Material selection is important for industrial and chemical bottles as they need to resist chemical degradation and be leak-resistant. Plastics such as high-density polyethylene are ideal for automotive oil, transmission fluid, and anti-freeze. Glass is used for acids and alkalies because of its chemical resistance.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Bottles

The pharmaceutical industry requires bottles that are inert and don't react with medicines. Products susceptible to UV-degradation need amber bottles. Use plastic dispenser bottles for healthcare products such as soaps, shampoos, and cleaning products. Glass and plastic wide-mouthed bottles are suitable for dispensing medication. Frosted glass bottles make for attractive healthcare packaging.

Full Service Packaging

Berlin Packaging offers a full packaging service that includes design through to manufacture, storage, and distribution. With bottles stored in regional warehouses for immediate delivery, the company prides itself on guaranteeing at least 99 percent on-time delivery to maintain uninterrupted customer production.

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