No matter what type of beverage you need to package, you can find container, jug, or other beverage bottles at Berlin Packaging. Select bottles that will hold and dispense your drink in the best way while also looking great on the shelf or in the cooler. Choose between plastic and glass beverage bottles, depending on the look you want for your product, and determine the best style of cap to secure the contents and finish off the design. Whatever bottle and cap combination you choose, there is plenty of room to add your own custom label for marketing your product to potential customers.

Glass Beverage Bottles

One of the most common materials for beverage bottles is clear or colored glass. Used for a wide variety of drink styles, including juice, soda, and wine, glass beverage bottles give your product a high-end look, while ensuring that the liquid inside remains unchanged in taste or smell. Glass is nonporous and impermeable, meaning the packaging will never interact with the product inside in any way, which is why glass soda bottles continue to be favored soda containers. Glass is also especially popular for use in beer bottles and growlers, where a glass container can be paired with several styles of caps or closures to give it a unique look.

Plastic Beverage Bottles

If you prefer to go with plastic when you are buying your beverage bottles in bulk, there are several types of plastic to choose from, and a variety of twist-off caps to match. HDPE plastic is strong, but often opaque, making this a popular choice for milk bottles and jugs. PET plastic is a good alternative to glass, as it can offer a similar clarity as glass bottles but with the added benefit of impact resistance. This clear plastic is popular for use in juice, water bottles, and plastic soda bottles as it is lightweight and will not leach chemicals into the product contained.

Berlin Packaging's wide range of wholesale drink bottles means you can create the perfect look for your drink products, and if you need help with that design, we're here for you. Our professional team can create the aesthetic you want. Plus, we can assist with labeling and logistics.

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