Beer Bottles

Berlin Packaging features a range of beer bottle styles suitable for packaging your business or hobbyist craft beers, ciders, liquors, kombucha, sodas, or cold-pressed juices. A variety of caps are available, including swing-top, crown pry-off, and twist-off. Choose from glass or plastic bottles in amber or clear colors.

12 oz longneck beer bottles with crown caps are the industry standard, while growler bottles with a finger loop lend a craft, homebrewed feel to the product and allow for sales of larger capacities.

Benefits of Glass Packaging

Amber glass beer bottles reduce ultraviolet light, preventing beer from breaking down or spoiling, which is a common problem. Amber glass is more suitable for products that are light-sensitive or need long-term storage. Since glass is chemically inert, it protects product quality, as it doesn't alter the flavor of products, and prevents contamination from outside sources. In addition to food safety benefits, glass packaging gives the product a premium feel for customers. Glass is a sustainable packaging option due to its ability to be reused and recycled.

In addition to offering empty beer bottles at wholesale prices, Berlin Packaging can help with all aspects of your business! From package design to financing, partnering with us can give you an advantage over your competition.

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