Shrink Bands & Cap Liners

Berlin Packaging has a solid selection of shrink bands, seals for bottles, and protective liners that can be fitted to caps. These packaging options help to prevent contamination and ensure product integrity. Options include bottle shrink wrap for wine bottles, decorative tins, or smaller glass and plastic containers. Shrink bands are available in clear and black, and some items come in natural, white, or silver.

Why It's Important to Use Shrink Bands

Shrink bands are used for secure closure and to deter and identify product tampering. They are wrapped around the necks and lids of jars and bottles and then heated until they fit snugly around the cap. As with tamper-evident caps, the breaking of these bands alerts you to the potential contamination of products. PVC shrink bands also keep caps and closures tightly secured to reduce the chance of contents leaking. Some options are perforated for easy removal, while others are custom cut so they're easy to apply. Bands for wine bottles are simply placed over the cork or stopper and can feature tear tabs for easy opening.

Types of Cap Liners and Seals

Plastic cap liners provide an extra barrier against outside contaminants and tampering. They are placed between the cap and the mouth of the bottle or container and then shrunk with a heat gun to create an airtight seal. They also prevent product leakage. Certain pressure-sensitive liners work with both glass and plastic packaging, and do not require heat to adhere to the bottle's mouth. Disk liners have a tab that allows for easy removal, and they are often used with packaging that contains creams or lotions. Cap liners help keep products fresh by preventing air exposure and are a good fit for containers that hold food or beverages.

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