Finish packaging and sealing food and beverage bottles by selecting bar top corks from Berlin Packaging. Choose from a selection of stoppers and corks that add stylish and effective closures to bottles containing wine, honey, juice, dried herbs, and more. Consider standard wine corks, or easy to grip bar top corks in both natural and synthetic cork.

Cork Choices

Bar top corks come with black caps attached to the cork, eliminating the need for a corkscrew or key. Top caps come in polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), or wood, and are easy to remove from bottles. The PP model offers ridges on the outer cap to improve grip, and a natural cork stopper. The PS model supplies a smooth sided sugero replica synthetic cork, and the wood models use a synthetic Expancork stopper. Unlike many types of closures, wood corks and tapered stoppers are the popular choice for many wine bottlers. Consider a cork tapered stopper designed exclusively for Muth honey jars.

Are There Additional Stopper Tools?

To put the finishing touches on corked beverage and wine bottles, consider a shrink cap or PVC shrink capsule. This inexpensive way to upgrade the appearance of wine and spirits bottle packages also provides an overseal to the cork. The application of heat to the cap shrinks it, resulting in a tight wrap that not only repels contamination, but offers an indication of tampering if the seal is torn or removed. Look for a perforated tear strip for easy opening on some models.

Along with other bottling tools, a manual wine bottle corker is available that creates equal compression around the cork for easy insertion. Also available is a manual thermal unit for capsuling bottles. The machine heats the PVC shrink capsule and secures it around the neck and cap of the bottle.

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