Berlin Packaging offers many spout caps made from low-density and high-density polyethylene, and polypropylene plastics. Spout caps are useful for accurately dispensing a wide range of liquid products such as glues, gels, or health and beauty cosmetics like massage oils. Several color options are offered across many styles, allowing for differentiation between products, while maintaining a standard packaging image.

Types of Plastic Spout Caps

Yorker style spout caps have a cone-shaped spout with a reduced orifice for products that require precise dispensing. To use, customers are required to cut the tip, giving them more control over the amount of product they wish to dispense, and reducing the chance of product spillage during transportation from the factory. They come with an overcap for product protection after cutting the spout.

Pivot spout caps, also known as Turret caps, have a dispenser that conveniently flips up to open and down to seal. Ribbon applicator caps dispense product in a ribbon pattern. Ribbon caps feature a self-clean feature, with either an overcap to prevent spillage or a push-pull open and close method that reduces product waste. Twist top caps require a counterclockwise twist action to open for dispensing products. Once administered, a clockwise motion will seal products back inside. Twist caps have the benefit of not requiring a secondary overcap to keep contents in place. Let product and consumer use help decide which cap or closure works best. 

What Types of Bottles Do Spout Caps Pair With?

Most plastic caps and spouts, such as Yorker spout caps, pair well with plastic squeeze bottles for easy dispensing of products like mustard, ketchup, and hot sauce. Provided the cap size matches the bottle orifice, spouts can be paired with a wide range of liquid soap bottles. Many spouts feature multiple cap size options.

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