Round plastic caps are useful for a variety of products in food, medicine, and other industries. High-quality caps make any container secure and demonstrate how well a container is built. For example, round plastic caps that are metalized show elegance in a product's design. Berlin Packaging offers a variety of caps, ranging from plastic screw caps to black phenolic caps, to complement a vast selection of containers. 

The Benefits of Plastic Caps

Plastic caps offer durability, customization, and potential cost savings. Their designs are adaptable and can be matched to fit any container. Like many threaded caps, multiple features such as liners, smooth and ribbed finishes, and tamper resistance should be considered based on container contents. For products like makeup, soap, or oils, flip top or disc caps open with a single press of a finger. Like the purpose of many types of closures, products are protected from dirt, debris, or damage. Plus, plastic is reusable and recyclable.

Caps are the First Point of Contact 

Functionality and appearance are key to gaining a consumer's attention. Proper caps are easy to use, secure, and look good. Most lotion bottles will use a disc cap to allow the lotion to come out without an overflow. Catch the consumer's eye with metallic caps, shining under the light. Serums or oils should have a dropper cap that reaches the bottom of the bottle, otherwise, consumers get frustrated. A mister cap needs to be able to pump with ease to spray perfume.

Can Caps Keep People Safe?

When considering the safety and possible contamination of a product, look for tamper-evident caps. You can still grab consumers' attention with bright color options while keeping them safe. With tamper-evident caps, consumers feel safer using drinks bottles, knowing the contents of the bottles are safe. 

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