Tapered corks are among the most versatile stoppers and closures available. They come in a variety of sizes to fit diverse shaped bottles, vials, and jars. Berlin Packaging offers a variety of corks, including tapered, natural, and synthetic cork, and bar top corks that combine cork with wood or plastic tops. Depending on the cork type, they can be used to seal wine and other alcoholic beverages, as well as spice jars, salt and pepper shakers, bath salts, oils, vinegar bottles, and laboratory test tubes.

Benefits of Using Bar Top Corks

Bar top stopper corks provide an easy and convenient way to protect spirits and other products from exposure to air and outside contaminants. Due to their ability to create a tight seal at the neck of a jar or bottle, corks and stoppers are functional closures that can work across multiple industries. Cork is also waterproof, which provides further protection from accidental product leakage, or liquid contaminants entering a bottle's contents. It's impermeable to gases, and its long-lasting material doesn't degrade easily. Options like tapered corks are not only 100% recyclable, but also made using eco-friendly processes. Bar top corks are extremely easy to insert or remove from packaging, making them a handy and reusable option.

What Options Are Available?

Among the caps and closures available, one style offers corks with wooden heads. These wooden bar top corks attach synthetic, expandable corks to beechwood tops for a classy, natural look. Other choices include plastic black bar top corks that feature smooth polystyrene (PS) heads, or ribbed polypropylene (PP) caps. Ribbed sides provide additional grip, making these bar top stopper corks easy to turn and open. Find standard wine corks made with high end, colmated cork, and tapered natural cork stoppers for wide mouth honey bottles.

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