Manufactured child-resistant caps have been instrumental in reducing the number of child fatalities due to accidental ingestion of harmful drugs. Packaging solutions like child-resistant dropper caps are used in the health and beauty, and pharmaceutical industries, as a part of an all-in-one dosing and capping system.

Child-Resistant Dropper Caps For Medications

Black child-resistant dropper caps are available for plastic and glass bottles and vials and are effective for packaging a large assortment of liquid medications. PP black child-resistant dropper caps are made with glass pipettes. Threaded caps are easy to grasp, and use a push-turn method to open. Plastic dropper caps and bottles are suitable for packaging oral, optical, hair, ear, and nail treatments.

Plastic Child-Resistant Dropper Caps

Droppers with glass pipettes or euro dropper inserts are recommended for long term oil storage because oil can break plastic down over time. Oil based products that are packaged using child-resistant dropper caps with plastic pipettes should not be stored for long periods of time the dropper cap on. Manufacturers of aromatherapy, essential, or cannabis oils that intend to use them for long-term storage of their product will need to provide an additional child-resistant cap. This is usually not an issue with medications, as they are generally prescribed for daily use or a limited period. 

Child-Resistant Dropper Caps in Bulk

Dropper caps are useful for packaging health and beauty products in liquid forms. Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals manufacturers can buy child-resistant dropper caps in bulk to prevent running out during high-yield production. While these dropper caps are manufactured child-resistant, the proper container makes caps and closures truly child-resistant. Pair child-resistant dropper caps with glass or plastic bottles that help protect the consumer, and your product. Purchase glass bottles with euro dropper inserts and caps to get everything to meet your packaging needs.

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