Child-resistant capable caps not only provide peace of mind for consumers but businesses as well. With a variety of colors and dispensing options available, these caps are capable of meeting manufacturing needs while also adhering to the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. The caps are available in a range of sizes and dispensers, including both droppers and phenolic brushes.

Child-Resistant Capable Caps Are Required for Certain Products

Even seemingly harmless items, such as certain vitamins and minerals, can be dangerous to ingest. As such, child-resistant capable caps provide peace of mind for everyone. Non-dispensing child-resistant capable caps are a very common choice for safety tops and closures, as they can be found on a range of items from pharmaceuticals to bleach. With the growth in popularity of potentially harmful products like vape liquid, however, dropper caps have become a viable option as well.

Can Child-Resistant Capable Caps Be Used for Long-Term Storage?

While child-resistant capable caps without dispensers are suitable for long-term storage of items, the dropper caps call for careful consideration because certain oils, such as those used for aromatherapy and cannabis oils, can break down the plastic over time and cause degradation of both the packaging and the product inside. However, the dropper caps are still can still be used for most medical applications.

What Sort of Bottles Can These Caps Be Used With?

To ensure the best fit for each child-resistant capable closure, the caps should only be used with appropriately sized plastic bottles. Using glass bottles can run the risk of the caps not fitting properly and may jeopardize the integrity of the closures over time, and for that reason, only plastic bottles are recommended.

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