PP and HDPE tamper-evident water bottle caps are common closures for bottle packaging. Plastic water bottle caps are recyclable, available in several varieties, and durable enough to reseal a bottle tightly multiple times after it has first been opened. 

Popular Water Bottle Caps

The two most used types of closure for bottling water in plastic containers are screw top caps and flat seal snap-on caps. Both plastic water bottle closures are tamper-evident and create an airtight seal during packaging to protect water from foreign contaminants. In addition to water bottles, plastic water bottle caps are useful for multiple beverage bottling purposes.

Using sport caps on water bottles is a convenient, quick-access solution for consumer satisfaction. Push-pull sport caps and water bottles are practical for packaging sport, energy, water, and juice drinks. A small plastic overcap protects the primary cap from dirt and germs during shipping and stocking.

Securing Plastic Water Bottle Caps

Tamper-evident plastic caps and water bottles are durable and flexible, as well as puncture and leak-resistant before opening. Some water bottle caps can be manually applied, but capping equipment and capping tools provide a more secure seal. Specially designed capping tools are built to apply just the right amount of pressure to properly seal the caps. Too much pressure could cause a tamper-evident ring to break, so it's important to use proper plastic bottle capping machines and tools. 

Quality Selection From Worldwide Sources

At Berlin Packaging you can find high-quality packaging materials from suppliers worldwide. The Quality Service Division team at Berlin Packaging has the skill to fit you with the right packaging materials. They work with you to ensure you get the finest glass, metal, and plastic bottles. Rest comfortably knowing you receive only the highest-quality packaging for your product that's hand-selected for your specific needs.

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