Berlin Packaging has dispenser packaging options for you, whether you are seeking elegant lotion pump caps for cosmetic products, or require convenient industrial size packaging for lotions or condiments. Lotion pump dispensers and caps are sold separately or as sets to provide you with more customization options.

Streamline Packaging Across Products

Plastic lotion pumps come in a range of styles, with black, white and silver options available. When considering a new product line, look for caps and closures with a style and color that match your brand image. Consider the smooth, contemporary look of airless pumps, or the more practical, ribbed lotion pump caps. Mister caps, trigger sprayers, or dropper caps may better suit liquid products, while disc and flip top caps are more practical for thicker products.

Types of Pump Caps

When looking at pump caps choices, consider twist-to-lock or down-lock pump caps to protect products from discharging during transport. For fast and convenient closure after use, explore pumps that lock in the up position. Alternatively, consider pumps that come with a lid. Depending on your product requirements, pumps can deliver anywhere from 1500 microliters per stroke to 30 cubic centimeters per stroke. For high-value products, prevent product waste with a pump that is designed to reduce clogging or splattering.

What Type of Products Are Pump Caps Suitable For?

You may require a lotion pump dispenser to provide precision delivery of certain health and beauty lotions, creams, and serums. Consider low dose treatment pump caps and other product limiters. Standard lotion pump caps work well with cosmetic hand lotions, moisturizers, and hair-care products. High-output pumps can be used for industrial hand cleaners such as pumice lotion soaps, or for dispensing food condiments from 1 gallon jugs.

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