Brush caps are useful for capping adhesives, paints, cosmetics, and various health products, like pharmaceuticals and liquid compounds. Apply product to specified areas in a clean and controlled manner using dauber caps with absorbent wool daubers.

Brush Caps Come in Multiple Styles and Sizes

Brush caps come in plastic or metal screw top styles suitable for pharmaceutical, medical, beauty, and industrial products. Black phenolic brush caps are available in standard and child-resistant capable cap options. Phenolic screw-top caps are popular with beauty product manufacturers for nail polish and cuticle oils. The synthetic bristles provide a smooth, even product distribution. Metal brush caps with longer rods are commonly used with metal screw top cans for industrial adhesives and solvents. Browse caps with rods that vary in length from 2.8 inches to 5.8 inches to find the right fit for your product container. 

Brush and Dauber Caps for Industrial Paint and Upholstery Products

Caps with a scrub brush are commonly used to top upholstery and carpet cleaners. Scrub brush tops have flow valves for controlled dispersal of liquid cleaners into a tough bristled brush. The synthetic bristles are durable and penetrate deep to remove stubborn stains in carpets and rugs. PET plastic bottles with scrub brush caps provide a firm grip and pliability during quick spot treatments or extensive cleaning.

Another popular application cap for home improvement products is a dauber cap. These types of caps and closures are suitable for paints and stains. The wool dauber is absorbent and transfers a substantial amount of product where consumers need it. A wool dauber also allows consumers to cover larger areas with glues, sealers, or varnishes. This helps prevent the need for extra application tools, which is convenient for consumers. Ribbed black phenolic dauber caps with PET plastic bottles offer an easy grip and an all-in-one product application solution.

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