Berlin Packaging supplies a range of dropper caps to cover many products. Mix and match caps and closures with bottles to create eye-catching packaging, or choose from a dropper and bottle package. For more fluid products, consider mister caps as an alternative to provide customers with a small amount of product, and a sensual user experience. Additionally, save your business time and money with wholesale and bulk-buying options.

Available Range of Dropper Caps

Reusable rubber dropper caps are essential when you need packaging that accurately dispenses a small capacity of the liquid. Dropper caps are suitable for packaging a variety of products and are available in a range of colors. Use dropper caps for cosmetic serums and treatments, aromatherapy essential oils, herbal extracts, tinctures, e-cigarette cartridges, and tanks.

Dropper Cap Options

To suit the product, dropper caps have glass pipettes with a range of sizes and shapes. Choose from the curved pipette styles to reduce product waste, and save customers the frustration of trying to squeeze that last drop from the bottle. Alternatively, select from one of the straight pipettes models for a clean, sophisticated look. A glass applicator rod may be more suitable when you need to deliver a very small amount of product directly. 

Are There Child-Resistant Dropper Caps Available?

When child safety is a priority, choose from a range of child-resistant capable dropper caps. The black dropper caps, and caps in colors, feature a double-action motion to open, push-down, and turn the cap to prevent children from accessing potentially harmful substances. Child-resistant capable dropper caps are available in multiple sizes. Tamper-evident caps, shrink bands, and cap liners are also available to improve product safety and raise customer confidence.

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