Use bottle pourer caps to carefully distribute liquid or viscous products for a wide range of industries. Caps come in a variety of designs, and they can be fitted to various packaging options such as liquor or other bottles, jugs, or plastic tubes.

Popular Uses for Bottle Pourer Caps

When choosing from a diverse supply of caps and closures, pourer caps are frequently used by the bar and restaurant industry to easily dispense products when serving spirits or mixing cocktails. Plastic pourer bottle caps are also used to pour a wider range of viscous food products and beverages. Common items packaged in bottles with pourer caps include sauces, vinaigrettes, oils, and flavoring syrups. Other popular uses for these caps are attaching them to packaging that contains liquid cleaning products or chemical solutions. Pharmaceutical and essential oils industries can use pourer caps to prevent product spillage, and control dispensing.

What Types of Bottle Pourer Caps Are Available?

Choose from several different types of liquor pourer caps, including options that combine plastic and metal materials. Tamper-evident pourer caps help ensure product integrity, while tapered pourers are designed to promote speed with accuracy when dispensing liquids. By alerting companies and packagers that products have been compromised, tamper-evident caps can help consumers avoid harmful situations. To combat fruit flies attracted to alcohol, some liquor pourers include a screen to prevent them from getting inside the bottle. Other options include measuring caps that are easily attached to bottle mouths. As with some threaded caps, these pourers have built-in rubber chambers to fit over the corresponding spouts. Measure and pour caps provide a nice solution for getting the exact mix of chemicals or other liquids correct. Simply fit the large plastic measuring chamber onto the top of your bottle, then turn the cap until you've set the desired amount as marked on the chamber sides. Squeeze the bottle to fill the chamber with the correct product amount.

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