Berlin Packaging features a wide range of boxes and mailers for all your shipping and gift box needs. Boxes are available in both white and brown and can be customized by size. Consider adding a printed logo to match your company branding. Lined and unlined mailers are useful for sending documents and small items. Cardboard storage and shipping boxes are a reusable and recyclable, environmentally friendly option. Boxes with interlocking flaps reduce the need for tape or glue to keep them closed.

Types Of Boxes And Mailers 

Gift boxes, available in both black and white, feature magnetic closures. Cardboard Quicklock mailers are lightweight but solid, ideal for packing parts. Small gift boxes are suitable for protecting and presenting jewelry, health and beauty cosmetics, food and beverage gift sets, or apparel. Packaging boxes are more practical for shipping and packing inventory such as paint cans or wine bottles. Folding storage boxes are handy for businesses tidying up inventory, and for storing records and documents.

Choose from a selection of flat, self-sealing, padded, or bubble-wrap lined, long poly mailers. When moisture protection is essential, seek bubble-wrap lined or tear-resistant poly mailers. To keep documents more rigid, opt for a heavier cardboard mailer. To keep large, rolled documents such as posters or blueprints crease free, consider mailing tubes. Mailing tubes are available in white, natural, and kraft colors, with both plastic and metal caps.

Are Boxes Suitable For Heavy Duty Items?

Mailers are available in both heavy wall and light-duty construction. For weighty file storage, look for cardboard storage boxes with a double layered bottom and lid or auto-lock top. Some cardboard boxes feature handle-like side openings for easy lifting. Heavy duty corrugated boxes are designed to resist puncture, and hold a maximum of 95lbs, depending on the shape of the object. For more substantial weight, opt for extra heavy-duty shipping boxes that feature double wall construction, and can hold a maximum weight of 150 lbs.