Reverse tuck cartons can be used to package a variety of smaller, lightweight products. They're available in different sizes and have acquired their name from the way in which their ends tuck in from opposite directions. They're typically shipped flat in order to save transportation space and cut down on related expenses and are usually quite easy to assemble.

Why Use Cardboard Folding Cartons?

Due to their strong and rigid nature, cardboard boxes have long been a popular choice for packaging items. Cardboard reverse tuck cartons are lightweight, reducing shipping-related costs and making them easy to carry and handle. Cardboard packaging also provides ample cushioning to prevent products from breaking easily. Corrugated cardboard helps protect contents from moisture or other outside contaminants that would otherwise pose a threat to products during long shipping periods. As cardboard doesn't have high manufacturing costs, it's usually an affordable option, and it can be recycled to improve environmental sustainability.

What Bulk Reverse Tuck Cartons Are Available?

Choose from reverse tuck folding cartons with built-in handles that make carrying easy. Many of these boxes and mailers have tucks that lock in for quick and simple closure. These pye-lock tucks provide additional security, helping to keep your products from falling out and ensure that no tape, glue, or staples are needed to seal the cartons. Options are available in white corrugated cardboard or natural looking fiberboard, and because cardboard is printing-compatible, you can easily customize cartons with brand graphics or product information.

Additional Services Provided by Berlin Packaging

In addition to quality assurance and warehousing options, Berlin Packaging offers label design and decorating services to customers. They'll work with you to define your brand and create vivid graphics and labels that promote your products. Receive assistance with selecting neck bands, bottle embossments, and attractive decals.

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