Berlin Packing offers cardboard storage boxes and cardboard shipping boxes that can handle the challenges of storerooms and transportation. A variety of weights, styles, and sizes are available. Choose heavy-duty cardboard storage boxes when packing weighty items, and items that require a more durable container. Alternatively, for less fragile products, select a lighter weight cardboard box to save money on shipping. 

Are Cardboard Storage Boxes Environmentally Friendly?

Both cardboard storage and shipping boxes are reusable and recyclable. Storage boxes stack easily to save space, protect products from moisture, and provide cushioning to protect products during handling and transport. Cardboard boxes are easy to disassemble, stack, and store for repeated use. Worn boxes can be recycled. The reuse and recyclable nature of cardboard make it an environmentally friendly packaging solution.

Multipurpose Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes and mailers are suitable for shipping and storing a wide range of products such as artwork, food products, pharmaceutical bottles, cosmetic containers, paint, metal cans, and paperwork. Cardboard boxes with lids or interlocking flaps create a secure closure without the need for glue or tape, providing extra support, and the ability to withstand more weight. If your product is temperature sensitive, select an insulated shipping box with a thick foam container, then add foam refrigerant bricks to prevent thawing during shipping.

What Styles Are Available?

Cardboard boxes come in a wide range of shapes and styles; from standard square and rectangular corrugated boxes to square and triangular mailing tubes with self-locking lids. Along with a variety of multi-shape shipping boxes and office paperwork storage solutions, consider the corrugated open-top bin boxes, and auto-lock bottom file storage boxes. Look to easy-fold cartons and bubble packing for shipping books, catalogs, and photo frames. Shipping boxes can be easily customized with your logo.

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