Mailing tubes are a good way to ship or store items such as documents, artwork, posters, blueprints, or other paper items. They protect contents from ripping or bending and come in a variety of sizes and colors such as white or red. Choose from mailers made out of sturdy materials that come with an assortment of closure options.

Why Use Wholesale Mailing Tubes?

Mailing tubes prevent contents from becoming damaged or creased during shipping or storage. These practical mailers are usually made from either cardboard or kraft paper, both of which are eco-friendly, recyclable materials. Cardboard boxes and mailers are often used to package goods because different types of cardboard can be either rigid or flexible, protecting products from impact damage and providing extra cushioning. Kraft mailing tubes are made from very strong paper created by converting wood into pulp. This material is durable and lightweight, which can help reduce shipping costs. Cardboard and kraft paper support printing techniques, allowing you to customize them with product information or brand designs.

Types of Mailing Tubes Available

Mailing tubes with end caps provide a convenient way to close mailers. The caps can easily be inserted into the ends of tubes and usually contain a small lip to allow for firm gripping when opening. Other tubes come with metal screw caps that can be quickly attached or removed. Many mailers have waxed inner walls and metal necks that are crimped to the body to provide extra security. Tubes with telescoping abilities can easily be adjusted in length to create an exact fit for your documents. Use protective, light-duty tubes with a spiral construction or mailers with thicker walls for additional impact resistance.

Additional Services Provided

Berlin Packaging offers many extra services such as label design and warehousing options. Using their storage facilities to house your inventory can reduce costs and ensure stock levels are properly maintained.

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