When mailing documents, sales materials, or small items, flat mailers will keep everything undamaged, and safe from the elements. These envelopes come in a variety of sizes, and are ready to mail, allowing you to quickly and easily get your items shipped. Whether you need to send brochures, photographs, or other items, order flat mailers wholesale to make sure you always have a supply on hand.

Rigid Cardboard Mailers

Sending out sales flyers, frameable documents, photos, or other papers is a breeze with rigid flat mailers. These stay-flat mailers are made with sturdy cardboard that will make sure that papers and photos do not get bent, folded, or otherwise creased in shipping. Envelopes are available in several widths and lengths, so you can be sure that you have the exact size you need every time, and the tuck-flap keeps everything safely inside. These mailers are sold by the bundle, so you can stock up before a big mailing goes out.

Poly Mailers

Puncture and tear resistant, poly mailers are a good option for soft or oddly shaped items that you need to ship. These flat mailers are made of plastic, keeping your contents protected from moisture and rain. The envelopes include sealing strips similar to those on padded envelopes, so you can secure them without needing extra tape. They are available in a variety of widths and lengths. 

Supply Chain Assistance

With a network of over 900 suppliers, Berlin Packaging can help you streamline your supply chain, making it easier for you to manage multiple vendors, and keep your deliveries coming and going on time. No matter what size your business is, we can help keep your costs down by offering local warehousing programs, minimizing factory lead times, and providing competitive freight management services. 

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