Berlin Packaging features shipping supplies to help get every product to its destination damage free. Shipping supplies include envelopes, clear packing lists, tapes, labels, bubble packaging, fillers, wrappers, tubes, and more. Lightweight and heavy-duty packaging options are available for both delicate and sturdy products.

Types of Shipping Supplies Available

Shipping supplies are available in a range of sizes for all product needs.  Consider bubble wrap rolls and strapping tensioners for pallet sized products. Stretch wrap and economic wrappers and dispensers make secure packing easier. Customized shipping labels and different colored inventory stickers help quickly differentiate between products once they have been packed. Use label dispensers to apply warning labels that identify delicate and hazardous products, so shipping personnel are informed of proper handling. Choose filament shipping tapes when strength, moisture resistance, and thermal tolerance are vital. For economical and versatile packaging, select standard clear packing tapes. Mailer tubes help keep paper documents such as paintings or art posters crease-free. 

What Are the Best Packing Fillers to Use? 

Packing fillers reduce the chances of products being damaged during transit. Loose fill packing peanuts are suitable to prevent irregularly shaped objects such as lampshades from moving around the box. Bubble wrap rolls may be more satisfactory for individually wrapping delicate items such as vases to protect from shock during transit. Bubble wrap pouches or padded envelopes work well when shipping flat objects like artwork, or electronic items such as laptops and hard drives. Consider using insulated shipping boxes and silica gel pack desiccants to help keep products fresh, and moisture-free for mildew, rust, and corrosion protection. For non-toxic, eco-friendly shipping materials, look for biodegradable loose fill, recycled craft paper rolls, and cardboard packaging options.

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