Berlin Packaging stocks an array of bubble packaging rolls, Kraft paper rolls, and loose fills. Packing fillers and padding materials are important for keeping products safe during transit, and signal to customers that care has gone into their product.

Bubble Packaging Rolls Are Versatile

Depending on how well-shipped products are wrapped, bubble packaging can protect them from dust and moisture. Additionally, the bubble packaging fills empty space in a shipping box and provides cushioning. The bubbles can be ordered in different sizes, and the rolls can be ordered in different lengths and widths. Bubble packaging is also available as self-seal pouches in varying widths. As an alternative, padded envelopes can also be used, depending on the product.

Kraft Paper Rolls Fill the Void

Kraft paper is a slightly rough but fairly durable heavy brown paper that can be used in a variety of ways. Ideally, it can be twisted and stuffed inside boxes to fill the empty space in between items, minimizing shifting, and providing a flexible buffer. It can also be used as a layer between boxed items, or to wrap the items directly. Available as a roll in widths from 12 inches to 36 inches, it is made from recycled material and can continue to be used and recycled.

Is There Loose Fill Available?

A lightweight option, loose fills are often referred to as packing peanuts due to their shape. The interlocking curls help to prevent the fill from settling, so there is always protection against jostling and impact. Polystyrene is one of the most common materials used to make packing fills, but biodegradable loose fills made from cornstarch are also available. This type of non-toxic fill provides good protection and degrades in water.

What Other Packaging Supplies Are Available?

Additional shipping supplies can be purchased to facilitate the packaging process such as box cutters, tape, labels, and paper cutters. Find a useful selection of packing labels, desiccants, and container systems as well.

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