2022 Sustainability Report

At Berlin Packaging, we’re committed to leading the future of sustainable packaging. Learn how we’re unpacking positive impact for our people and our planet.

Unpacking Sustainability Impact 

In 2022, we announced our sustainability goalsincluding our commitment to reduce our emissions by 25% by 2030.
Learn about this year’s progress from our Vice President of Sustainability below.

Sustainability at Berlin Packaging

Whether it be within our own company or in partnership with our customers and supplier network, we unpack sustainability across the entire value chain.  

“We are committed to building a culture where sustainability powers every decision we make, whether it be developing our product offerings or designing our buildings.”

– Balaji Jayaseelan, Vice President of Sustainability


Explore Our Progress

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Driving Sustainable Packaging Innovation

From Fortune 500 companies to family-owned businesses, we partner with brands to unpack their sustainability potential. Our innovative packaging solutions optimize sustainability, brand impact, and performance.

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Empowering Our Customers

We take a holistic approach to unpacking sustainability impact. Through our expansive suite of sustainability capabilities, we help our customers meet—and even go beyond—their sustainability goals.

Berlin team members holding LEED trophy

Building Our Sustainable Headquarters

Our new EMEA headquarters represent our Berlin values of innovation, sustainability, employee wellbeing, and local community support. We achieved LEED Gold certification, which is a promising step towards increasing our sustainable infrastructure efforts.

Our ESG Strategy 

Driving impact through our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities allows us to deliver the greatest value for our people and our planet.
View our ESG priorities below.



Our sustainability progress starts with our people—which is why we focus on fostering engagement, collaboration, and a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and sustainability. 

business ethics

Business Ethics

We promote integrity, fairness, and transparency in all aspects of our business with our people, customers, and supplier partners. 

Learn about our business ethics

innovation & circultaion

Innovation & Circularity

We accelerate the circular economy by partnering with our customers to transition to sustainable packaging, developing products with comprehensive sustainability attributes, and more.  

healthm safety & environment

Health, Safety & Environment

We implement operational practices that increase sustainability performance and maintain a zero-tolerance culture of health and safety.   

supply chain mamagement

Supply Chain Management

We partner with our global supplier network to unlock sustainability across the entire value chain. 

quality & cutomer orientation

Quality & Customer Orientation 

We unlock our customers’ full sustainability potential by offering packaging solutions that optimize sustainability, brand impact, and performance.  

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Driving Customer Sustainability

We serve as a strategic partner for our customers to strengthen their brands. Our holistic sustainability approach includes deep market and consumer insights, packaging quantitative assessments, custom packaging design, sustainability communications strategies, and more.

Learn how we empower our customers

Industry-Leading Sustainability Services

We launched our expansive suite of sustainability services, which include sustainable packaging strategy roadmapping, consumer and market insights, quantitative assessments, communications strategies, and more.

Xonsumer & Market insights

Consumer & Market Insights

We track the latest sustainability insights, product trends, packaging innovations, and market dynamics.

stock solutions

Stock Solutions

We optimize our supply chain, sourcing stock solutions from our global network of 1,000+ suppliers.

Quantitative assessments

Quantitative Assessments

We measure your packaging footprint and assess strategies to reduce environmental impact.

sustainability strategy & roadmapping

Sustainability Strategy & Roadmapping

We help you define your corporate sustainability strategy and build comprehensive circularity roadmaps.

Communication strategies

Communication Strategies

We help craft compelling communication strategies backed by verified, fact-based, and quantifiable claims.

cutsom design & innovation

Custom Design & Innovation

Our award-winning Studio One Eleven innovation team develops custom packaging solutions optimizing sustainability, brand impact, and performance.

Beyond Our Report

At Berlin Packaging, we believe Anything is Possible.
Together, let's accelerate the circular economy and unpack positive impact for our people and our planet.

sustainability services

Accelerating Progress

We’re integrating sustainability into everything we do—including our products, operations, and in partnership with our customers and suppliers.

Discover our work

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Empowering Our Customers

We’re developing and delivering sustainable solutions, tools, and resources to help our customers unpack their full sustainability impact.  

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Driving Positive Impact

We’re committed to doing our part to build a more sustainable future. Together, let's drive positive impact for our people and our planet.

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