Corrugated mailers are a packaging solution for many industries due to cardboard being lightweight, yet strong. These types of boxes and cartons make sure the products within are resistant to vibration, given good thermal insulation, and protection from moisture damage. Using corrugated mailers sends a message of premium-quality and care, showing the consumer their product is worth protecting.

Corrugated Cardboard Mailers Are Cost-Efficient

Costing less than other packaging, cardboard corrugated mailers mean lower transportation costs as a vehicle will hold more, unlike other shipping boxes. Because they pack nicely against each other, shipping products in square corrugated mailers or triangular mailers are worth considering. Flat packed to save space, and easy to load, ordering corrugated mailers wholesale keep storage costs low. 

How Strong Are Corrugated Mailers?

Fluting is the name given to the design of corrugated cardboard, and this design is where its strength lays. The Bursting test and ECT (Edge Crush Test) show the load capacity; for instance, 200 lbs. on the bursting test and 32 ECT means a carton can hold up to 40 pounds in weight. Find the standard ECT results for the corrugated cardboard mailers chosen to confirm the maximum load per mailer or carton. This makes corrugated mailers a universal shipping solution for most industries, for moving home, and sending gift boxes in the mail.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Made from a large percentage of recycled material such as newspapers, corrugated cardboard is easily recycled, making it environmentally friendly. Fast growing pine from sustainable forests, wood chips, and left-overs from paper making all go to make up most corrugated packaging material, minimizing environmental damage, reducing business carbon footprints, and appealing to customers.

Corrugated Cardboard Mailers Are Highly Customizable

The decorating and labeling of corrugated mailers is an easy task with Berlin Packaging's services. From decal applications to hot stamping, Berlin can design and decorate containers with your logo. Make use of Studio One Eleven's team to define or redesign your brand.

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