PET Plastic Spice Jars

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  • Crystal clear plastic allows you to see product housed inside
  • Economical alternative to glass spice jars
  • Lightweight, shatter-resistant PET plastic construction

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About This Product

PET spice jars are economically advantageous packaging options that support a variety of closures. Clear plastic spice jars are lightweight and shatter-resistant. With the right closure, jars seal airtight to help prevent spices from clumping and losing their flavor profile and aroma.

Non-Toxic PET Spice Jars for Packaging

PET clear plastic spice jars are non-toxic and don't chemically react to foods or liquids. When purchasing PET spice jars, consider spoon and sifter caps and closures that make the product accessible to provide consumers with measuring options. PET spice jars with shaker lids are table ready, allowing consumers to preview spice quality before buying, and are easy to recycle.

Clear Plastic Spice Jars

Clear plastic jars are used to package spices, baking sprinkles, powdered seasoning mixes, and cures. Traditionally, spices and other seasonings were only packaged in glass spice jars to preserve flavor and aroma. Advancements in plastic jars have made them a viable option for spice preservation, with PET providing many of the same benefits as glass. Other plastic spice jar materials include PP and HDPE. Both provide flexible packaging for spices and other foods. Oblong spice jars also provide plenty of surface area for graphics, logos, or ingredient labeling.

Caps and Closures for Plastic Spice Jars

Spice jars can accommodate a variety of caps and closures, from flip-top shakers to basic screw caps. The most popular closure for PET spice jars are sifter caps. Spice and sifter caps allow consumers to sprinkle spices onto foods, with some offer pouring or spoon measuring options as well. Airtight caps prevent dust and dirt from entering spice containers during prolonged storage. Most spices are also packaged with foil seals under the lid, and caps are wrapped with tamper-evident shrink bands. Tamper-evident bands assure the consumer the product has not been altered before the first opening.

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