Safeguard Your D2C Brand with E-commerce Ready Packaging

Eliminate material waste, mess, stress and chargebacks with packaging designed to be e-commerce ready. E-commerce ready packaging gets your product to the customer’s doorstep intact and undamaged. Berlin Packaging’s in-stock selection of e-commerce ready packaging can help protect you from fees and returns while safeguarding your brand from being tarnished by negative reviews and customer experiences.

Consumers love the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes as evidenced by the 30% growth of online shopping in 2020. Take advantage of the explosive opportunity in D2C products with e-commerce ready packaging.

Looking for more information on E-commerce trends? Read our white paper.

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We Offer a Wide Range of E-commerce Ready Solutions to Meet Your Packaging Needs

In-Stock E-commerce Ready Packaging

Items labeled as “E-commerce Ready” have undergone product testing and been carefully selected by Berlin Packaging as having a high likelihood of meeting the rules & regulations of most major e-commerce retailers, though responsibility for testing final, filled packaging and determining compliance with e-commerce packaging guidelines is with the seller of the filled packaging.

Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS)

As a certified member of Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier (APASS) network, we ensure our customers’ packaging meets Amazon’s stringent packaging guidelines to help avoid costly chargebacks, reduce waste, and improve sustainability.

Custom E-commerce Friendly Packaging from Studio One Eleven

Studio One Eleven can help your brand stand out on the virtual shelf by creating custom packaging with e-commerce in mind. Check out some of Studio One Eleven’s e-commerce friendly designs and meet our design team.

E-commerce Ready Packaging Helps You:

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

  • Drive positive brand awareness.
  • Increase consumer confidence.
  • Increase positive reviews and drive sales.
Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce material waste.
  • Eliminate costly chargebacks.
  • Reduce returns due to leakage or damage.
Improve Productivity

Improve Productivity

  • Improve relationships with online retailers.
  • Spend more time innovating and marketing and less time handling customer complaints and returns.

Custom E-commerce Friendly Packaging from Studio One Eleven

Studio One Eleven, our in-house innovation consultancy, is filled with designers, engineers and marketers who delight in bringing amazing designs to life – all at no charge in exchange for your packaging business. We deliver the total package with one-stop ease.

Studio 111

E-commerce Ready Case Studies


Redesign of entire line sold successfully through major retailers’ e-commerce channels.

Morton Salt

Morton Salt
Replaced iconic paperboard package to eliminate need for overboxing.

Honest Company

Honest Company
Designed robust custom dosing cap for laundry line that can survive impacts and drops.

Designed a cap and plug for a revolutionary dual sprayer product sold exclusively via direct to consumer shopping channels.

Maple Holistics
Built a bottle with an induction seal closure to reduce leakage and damage during shipping while standing out on the virtual shelf.

Nature Nate’s
Custom PET bottle with textural appeal that provides shelf distinction online.

Executed on company’s vision with unique bottle shape and closure that meets regulatory requirements.

Everest Motor Oil
Top-load distribution issue solved in package redesign to survive supply chain and thrive in

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