PET Plastic Spice Jars with Red Spoon & Sift Cap

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  • Crystal clear plastic allows you to see product housed inside
  • Includes Spoon & Sift Spice Caps
  • Lightweight, shatter-resistant PET plastic construction

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About This Product

PET Plastic Spice Jars with Red Spoon & Sift Cap

Our PET spice jars have transparent convenience, with additional properties to preserve the robustness of dry spices, particularly those with high oil content. Jars include PP red spoon & sift spice caps that let you spoon out or sprinkle on just the right amount of flavor.

Is PET right for me?

Polyethylene terephthalate plastics (PET) are durable materials with excellent gloss, clarity and impact resistance desired for clear jar. PET containers are ideal for personal care, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical products. PET containers are an excellent choice when you want the appeal of glass, but want the light weight, safety, and convenience of plastic.

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