Tips For Leakproof Containers

Tips For Leakproof Containers

April 17, 2017


Wes D.

Among our broad offering a selection of "Leakproof" containers guaranteed to perform are available. However, these are often used for industrial applications and are not very attractive. To help our customers looking for leakproof performance with style that will standout on the shelf, here are some tips:

In majority of cases, when correct torque is applied to closures, containers & closures can be mated to deliver leak-free performance. It is important to note this is not the same as leakproof, which has been designed to resist leaking under extreme circumstances.

  1. Correct amount of torque is crucial to achieve leak-free performance.
  2. Do not fill the container to the top. Be sure to allow headspace in the container providing room for expansion and movement of contents inside the container.
  3. Threads and top of container must be wiped dry of any liquid prior to applying the closure. Doing so will provide a dry surface for closure's inner seal to "seat" on. Moisture creates a wet "path" allowing liquid to travel for future propagation.
  4. Liquid with very low viscosity (runny liquids), particularly oils, are often a challenge to seal correctly. However, with the correct amount of torque applied to a dry closure and container seat, you can be successful.
  5. During this process containers should remain upright at all times.