Berlin Packaging Again Leads Industry With Record 12 Straight Years of 99+% On-Time Delivery

Berlin Packaging Again Leads Industry With Record 12 Straight Years of 99+% On-Time Delivery

Spanning Nearly 1.6 Million Shipments and More Than 23 Billion Items Since 2004, Berlin Continues to Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiencies for Its Packaging Customers.

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: October 20, 2019

CHICAGO – Berlin Packaging, the leading full-service supplier of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures, today announced that its 99%-or-better on-time product delivery performance has reached a record 144 consecutive months, an unrivalled achievement within the U.S. packaging industry. Every month since June 2004, Berlin has delivered the best available just-in-time shipping of custom and stock packaging products, enabling its customers to enjoy exceptional benefits in supply chain smoothness, cash flow, and bottom-line profitability.

“Twelve years ago, Berlin Packaging made a major commitment to delivery performance. We were the first rigid packaging supplier to measure and publicly report its on-time shipping record—and we remain so today,” said Andrew Berlin, Chairman and CEO of Berlin Packaging. “By concentrating on this core metric of customer thrill, we’ve not only thrived as a company, but we’ve also created a competitive advantage for our customers that positively impacts their businesses on multiple levels. Berlin has become the embodiment of reliable delivery in the packaging business—and we intend to retain that distinction.”

Through a heavy investment in enterprise business software, inventory-management procedures, and process discipline, Berlin Packaging has held ISO 9001 certification for 12 years. Its inventory stocking programs have since logged enviable achievements that include:

  • A total on-time delivery record over the past 12 months of 99.87%, covering nearly 3.8 billion packaging items
  • 19,000 shipments, on average, per month from 89 different Berlin and third-party warehouses
  • An average on-time percentage of 99.6% since 2004
  • Nearly 1.6 million shipments at 99+% on-time accuracy since the company’s on-time performance record began
  • Compared to estimated industry on-time delivery rates of 85%, Berlin has ensured an extra 230,000 shipments have arrived on time since 2004

Multiple Benefits to Customers

Almost 90% of all Berlin Packaging customers currently utilize the company’s inventory stocking programs. The reliability Berlin provides allows customers to reduce the amount of inventory they hold while enhancing operational metrics. As a benefit, these programs help boost customer profits by cutting customer expenses—less carrying costs, shrinkage, and obsolescence; less facility costs, taxes, and insurance; and less handling costs and administration. At the same time, customers improve manufacturing productivity by eliminating machine downtime and refocusing employees on more value-added activities. Cash flows grow with the reduction in inventory assets as well as the increase in profits.

“Honing your supply chain’s inventory management doesn’t just make operational sense; it also makes business sense,” noted Larry Rydzewski, Berlin Packaging’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our on-time-delivery track record is a testament to our systems, processes, and people dedicated to growing our customers’ bottom lines.”

Customers Celebrate

The business advantages of Berlin Packaging’s on-time delivery efforts have prompted positive feedback from many customers. The following is a sampling:

“The Berlin team shows true integrity and is willing to go above and beyond in providing support wherever needed. Our on-time delivery is consistently in the range of 99 to 100%. The team is very professional, quick to respond, and a pleasure to work with. My goal is to work with Berlin Packaging exclusively, as I know and trust the level of service we will receive in all situations.”
--Becky Aurand, Purchasing Manager, Food Service Specialties

“I really appreciate Berlin Packaging stocking, tracking and delivering my products on time. Makes my life a lot easier!”
--Tina Neish, Plant Manager, Root Candle Company

“As a rapidly-growing supplier in the craft beer market, we need to have the peace of mind that our packaging supplies will be managed closely and will arrive on time, every time. Berlin Packaging allows us to focus on what is most important—brewing great beer—to ensure our continued growth within this highly competitive market.”
--Anthony Raggio, Operations Manager, Drake’s Brewing Company

“Berlin Packaging is one of our most valued vendors. We’ve recently been running at 100% on-time delivery with Berlin. This does not go unnoticed! With this kind of cooperation, we can continue to meet our own goal of 97% or better On Time Deliveries to our customers.”
--Deb Rempel, C.P.M., Buyer, BG Products, Inc.

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