Evolution of Competitive Landscape

Evolution of Competitive Landscape

By: Berlin Packaging Specialist
Date: October 28, 2019

We see a number of (often opposing) forces at play that will continue to shape the competitive landscape.

  • Continued consolidation happening. Manufacturers will consolidate to pool assets and get better asset utilization on their machines. Distributors will consolidate as well to get better return on their assets (their people and warehousing networks).

  • Fragmentation, as upstarts rethink packaging (unburdened by legacy thinking and assets) and bring innovation to market.

  • Globalization, as new geographies emerge as the newest low-cost manufacturing base. We see the further expansion of India as well as parts of Africa.

  • Onshoring, as companies try to shorten their supply chains to be more nimble.

While we don’t know exactly how these forces will play out, we are confident that the core demands of packaging buyers will remain the same:

  • On-time delivery of information

  • On-time delivery of quality product

  • Thrilling customer service

Ultimately, the packaging players that focus on service excellence will win. We measure our service performance using the Net Promoter methodology. Our research has shown that, as a whole, the packaging market performs poorly on this metric. Berlin Packaging performs well above the industry norm, but we are maniacally focused on driving our performance up, as we know this is an essential way to establish an even bigger presence in the market.